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Promoting inclusion for Persons with Disabilities

Welcome to Internet Society Accessibility Standing Group!

The Accessibility Standing Group is an opportunity for Internet Society members and other stake holders having a common objective of promoting and facilitating Digital Accessibility to collaborate, share knowledge and find solutions for moving towards barrier free inclusive world.More


Membership of the Accessibility Standing Group is free! and open to all Internet Society Members. To join the Internet Society visit Internet Society

Website and Communication Channels

The Accessibility Standing Group's official web address is

Leadership Team

In January 2024, the following officers comprising of the Executive Council were elected by the ASG members for a two year terms (2024-2025).

  • Chair  : Dr. Praveen Misra
  • Vice Chair: Dr. Ashutosh Pathak
  • Vice Chair: Dina Santana Santos
  • Secretary : Nancy Marangu

The Executive council in order to fulfill the mandate of the ASG nominated an Extended Leadership Team

ASG Slogan

"Promoting inclusion for persons with disabilities" was adopted as the official slogan of the ASG on Dec 11 2023 to bring more clarity since a lot of people were confusing "Access to Internet" with the word "Accessibility".

Quiz about Accessibility

Record note of Meetings

Activity Plan

ISOC Accessibility Framework and Disability Action Inclusion Plan

Disability Leadership Training Activities

Awareness Campaigns, Capacity Building and Webinars


Activity Reports

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Code of Conduct

Former Office Bearers

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