Training sub-committee

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Accessibility Standing Group Training sub-committee

Meeting 1 - Thursday, 28th September 2023

Present: Gunela Astbrink, Alfredo Calderon, Nirmita Narasimhan, Vidhya Y

1. Welcome and apologies

  • Sub-committee member introductions
  • Apologies: Ginger Paque, Christopher Lee

2. Introduction

  • Gunela provided background on ASG Disability Leadership Training Project

3. Mapping the online course structure

  • Course style i.e. interactive, self-paced or mixed?
  • Agreed that the module structure be as suggested.
  • Add requirement that each participant do short presentation in final module on activity they are working on
  • Completion Certificate to be offered
  • Agreed that the course be a mix of interactive and self-paced
  • Agreed that Universal Design for Learning is a good model
  • Agreed that the course be on the ISOC e-learning platform despite accessibility issues
  • Agreed that ISOC will need to improve the platform accessibility and navigation
  • Discussion on possible AI tool for translating course into other languages
  • Set up list of willing resource persons on stand-by to answer module questions (following GDPR process)
  • Course content should be reviewed every two years

4. Set criteria for the course design

  • TBD after more information from ISOC e-learning team

5. Identify service providers

  • Consider universities with expertise in accessibility:
  • Possibilities may be:
    • University of Puerto Rico
    • University of Washington
    • University of Wisconsin Madison
  • This is for discussion at next meeting

6. AOB

  • None

7. Next meeting

  • Aim for Wednesday 4th October at 01:00UTC - dependent on prior meeting with ISOC e-learning team

Meeting 2: 4th October 2023

Present: Gunela Astbrink, Ginger Paque, Nirmita Narasimhan

1. Welcome and apologies

  • Introductions
  • Apologies: Vidhya Y

2. Update

  • Gunela gave an update on discussion with Esther Kioni, Senior Director, Training and e-Learning, ISOC Foundation.
  • The funds available need to be spent by 20th January but if absolutely necessary could be extended into February.
  • ISOC has committed to one agency for online course design and development: Labyrinthe Contract hasn't been signed yet
  • ISOC branding needs to be used but course can have its own character
  • Labyrinthe is happy to work with ASG
  • ISOC platform still needs accessibility work - ISOC may use accessibility auditors
  • Robert Zambrano manages ISOC course tutors. Esther suggested ASG guidelines for tutors.
  • Gunela to meet with Roberto at IGF.

4. Set criteria for the course design

  • Discussed:
    • Speech to text or live transcription
    • Use mix of images, audio and text based on different learning styles and supported with accessibility features
    • Run a pilot course with members from DCAD and ASG with different disabilities to vet it. Course should then be revised if necessary based

on feedback.

  • Suggest Labyrinthe provide a detailed proposal based on IAAP and WCAG guidelines for e-learning accessibility for ASG training sub-committee to respond to

5. Identify service providers

  • No suitable providers were identified with reliable accessibility

6. AOB

  • ACTION: Before next meeting, develop accessibility guidelines for tutors (refer to IAAP and CAST guidelines re UDL)

7. Next meeting

  • Decide on time and date in early November