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From Internet Society Accessibility Standing Group

Accessibility Standing Group LinkedIn Page Content Strategy


• To promote the Accessibility Standing Group (ASG) and its activities • To promote digital accessibility • To share digital accessibility information • To build a strong cross-section of followers

Primary audience:

Accessibility Standing Group members and people working/advocating for digital inclusion

Secondary audience:

People working in Internet governance with an interest in accessibility and digital inclusion


• digital accessibility • disability online inclusion • innovations in accessible technology • relevant accessibility events • disability leaders in digital inclusion • accessibility issues/concerns Consideration to be given for making comments/likes on other posts. ==Priority of content:-- 1. ASG leadership team/member activities 2. Reposting of: • Posts that tag or mention ASG and/or ASG leadership team/members • Posts shared by leadership team on WhatsApp group • Posts by related organisations eg DCAD, G3ict etc

Type of content:

• Video • Photos with text • Blogs • Other

Frequency: 3-4 posts/reposts per week

Version 1.0 January 2024