Activity Plan/2024-25

From Internet Society Accessibility Standing Group
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The EC along with the Extended Leadership will focus around three core areas namely Outreach, Capacity building and membership drive. Broadly the following activities are planned which will be amended or augmented as we move along

  1. Organise awareness webinars & seminars on Accessibility atleast 4-6
  2. Prepare training material on Accessibility coding and Accessibility testing of the websites
  3. Organise skill-tech workshops on the above point 2
  4. Explore the possibility of getting some ELM platform to start online courses based on the point 2 above
  5. Provide certification programs to add value to ASG as well as motivate and get people on board
  6. Organise 1-2 Leadership programs for people with Disability
  7. Evolve a mechanism to explore if the leadership training programs for disabled can be somehow organised in a hybrid mode with the e-learning contents
  8. Liaisoning with other accessibility and internet groups and ISOC chapters to have better outreach.
  9. Exploring Tie-up and collaborations with regional Schools of Internet Governance etc.