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Mar 9 2022 ISOC accessibility

Meeting with Andre Copelin and James Wood to discuss ISOC accessibility (Gunela Astbrink, Vashkar Bhattacharjee) (audio, video)
    • ISOC has formed an informal accessibility working group comprising staff from across a number of areas such as policy, engagement and content.
    • This group wishes to collaborate with our Standing Group to develop a framework of accessibility for ISOC.
    • The first step is an accessible content strategy for 2022.
    • James Wood explained that a Content Foundations training program for staff is being developed and one module is on accessibility. He will forward the draft module to us for feedback.
    • Our input:
      • content training needs to include demonstrations by persons with disability in using content
      • need to ensure that content is manually checked for accessibility through contractors
      • need to employ persons with disability at ISOC
      • need to ensure current and new online tools are accessible
      • importance of ongoing collaboration to ensure policy and programs incorporate accessibility

Mar 14 2022 SG Admin Matters

Call with Kyle Shulman on SG admin matters (Gunela Astbrink, Vashkar Bhattacharjee, Zakari Yama, Swaran Sanadhika Ravindra, Joly MacFie, Judith Hellerstein, Kindy Vereus Montreuil) (odt, pdf, mp3)
  • Mar 22 2022: SG Leaders meeting (Gunela Astbrink, Vashkar Bhattacharjee, Swaran Sanadhika Ravindra, Joly MacFie, Judith Hellerstein, Zakari Yama) (odt, pdf, mp4, mp3)
    • Draft agenda:
  1. Welcome
  2. Introduction of each team member
  3. SG processes
  4. Internet Governance training project
  5. Statement of aims
  6. Action plan and budget
  7. AOB

April 7 2022 SG Leaders

SG Leaders meeting (Gunela Astbrink, Vashkar Bhattacharjee, Swaran Sanadhika Ravindra, Joly MacFie, Zakary Yama, Kindy Vereus Montreuil ) (mp4, mp3)
  • Apology: Judith Hellerstein

Key discussion points and actions:

  • The roles of each team member were defined per ISOC guidelines
    • Joly to query Kyle on updating Admin definition.
  • ISOC has organised our zoom account
  • Zakari offered to support Kindy (as a French speaker) during meetings
  • Timeline for development of the activity plan is
    • April 14 - Initial ideas
    • Apr 15 - Open for member input
    • Meeting May 5 - Refining plan
    • Week to finish up
  • Outreach to include
    • Asia Pacific Regional IGF workshop proposal (Vashkar, Swaran and Gunela)
    • Global Accessibility Awareness Day - May 19, 2022.
  • Gunela to contact Shamsuddeen regarding his involvement and discuss with Kyle about inviting Klaus Hoeckner as a proxy Chapter Advisory Council representative.

The next meeting will be May 5 at 11am UTC.

May 5 2022 SG Leaders

SG Leaders meeting (Gunela Astbrink, Vashkar Bhattacharjee, Swaran Sanadhika Ravindra, Joly MacFie, Zakary Yama, Kindy Vereus Montreuil, Klaus Hoechner) (mp4, mp3, odt, pdf)

Jun 2 2022 SG Leaders

SG Leaders meeting (Gunela Astbrink, Vashkar Bhattacharjee, Joly MacFie, Zakari Yama, Judith Hellerstein) (mp4, mp3)
  • Apologies from Klaus Hoeckner & Swaran Sanadhika Ravindra
  • Secretary duties.
    • Gunela to email Kindy about methodology
    • Joly to take notes pro tem.
  • Action Plan.
    • Waiting for ISOC review of completed plan.
    • Provisional approval received for Disability leadership training
    • New activities document started.
    • Summary of action plan projects added to above.
  • Disability leadership training
    • Title: Internet Governance & Disability Digital Rights
    • ISOC will fund Diplo to develop online course
    • ISOC will deliver course.
    • SG and associates will input into course content.
    • Informal partnership with APSIG on face-to-face training in Bangladesh 24-27 June
    • Comment from Vashkar on current ISOC IG course
      • Not aligned with global accessibility standards
      • Communication is chat only
      • No sign language on videos
  • Accessibility Framework
  • IGF Workshop Proposals
    • Important! w/ encouraging response
    • AI and Accessibility (Klaus)
      • African reps from Google +
    • Disability Leadership Training (Ginger + Gunela)
      • Vashkar, Esther, Satish
    • Building Capabilities of PWDs in a Connected World (Kagyah + Judith)
      • Shabbir + 2
  • Logo Colour
  • Activity list
  • Next meeting 7 July 2022 at 11:00 UTC.

June 13 2022 ISOC Accessibility

Moved to

July 11 2022 ISOC Accessibility SG Leaders

SG Leaders meeting (Gunela Astbrink, Vashkar Bhattacharjee, Joly MacFie)
Draft agenda
1. ISOC's progress on action plan
2. Board of Trustees accessibility discussions
3. Disability leadership training
4. ISOC Community Week
5. Admin
6. AOB

  • Community Week. Vashkar may do a screenreader demo video. Waiting to confirm with his office. Deadline is July 22 2022.
  • Miranda who is organizing asks. Do we have questions to ask the participants? Are we ok with
  • Joly has given feedback to ISOC on Zoom Events.
  • Meeting postponed due to lack of attendance.
  • Possible reschedule til July 18.

July 18 2022 ISOC Accessibility SG Leaders

SG Leaders meeting (Gunela Astbrink, Vashkar Bhattacharjee, Joly MacFie, Klaus Hoeckner, Swaran Ravindra, Zakari Yama, Judith Hellerstein) (mp4, mp3)
Draft agenda
1. ISOC policy and process on accessibility of new and revised online tools
2. ISOC's progress on action plan
3. Board of Trustees accessibility discussions
4. Disability leadership training
5. ISOC Community Week
6. Admin
7. AOB

1. & 3. ISOC policy and process on accessibility of new and revised online tools, and Board of Trustees accessibility discussions

  • Joly gave feedback to ISOC on accessibility of Zoom Events.
  • Andre Copelin has responded. Joly will respond to that.
  • Judith: ISOC's lack of an accessibility policy means that tools are not tested before implementation.
  • Shabbir, Gunela, and Charles Mok are pushing on the BoT for the adoption of an accessibility assessment policy
  • Accessibility SG has developed the accessibility framework.
  • Judith: Andrew Sullivan is not keen on anything that sets a complicating precedent.
  • Gunela: Regardless, SG will endeavour to persevere to work with staff to implicate the framework.
  • As a departure point, Zakari & Swaran will briefly define standard operating procedures that staff should follow when implementing new tools. (10 days)

2. ISOC's progress on action plan

  • Kyle has requested an amendment to the AP to explain the need for business cards.
  • We have been given an email address to be used collectively by the SG leadership. Joly to set up a fwd to our existing SG collective alias.

4. Disability leadership training

  • Vashkar & Gunela were much involved in this event in Dhaka. A declaration has been issued.
  • Judith comments that some people felt they should have been notified prior to the event, e.g. BdSIG and BdIGF.
  • Gunela: this was a pilot workshop with AprSIG, hosted by ISOC BD, really just to get ball rolling.
  • Vashkar: there was some miscommunication. Lessons have been learnt.
  • Joly to add brief announcement on A11ySIG website.

5. ISOC Community Week

  • Vashkar: Our session has been confirmed.
  • Topic: web accessibility international.
  • Shabbir will speak.
  • Gunela will moderate.

6. Admin

  • All activities on behalf of the SG, should be added to the Activities doc.

7. AOB

  • Vashkar is a AprIGF fellow.
  • Two AprIGF workshops accepted, one led by Swaran.
  • Ensuring more visibility and access to STEM opportunities for PwDs. Pathways to employment in the IT industry. Swaran.
  • Training in disability rights in Internet Governance, Gunela and Satish Babu.
  • Swaran asks about funding. Gunela: not from ISOC. Swaran will try her University, otherwise virtual.
  • Judith put in a proposal for IGF, doesn't appear to have made the cut. Apparently her partner didn't fill out the form correctly.
  • Klaus comments that there are accessibility shortcomings with the form. Klaus will inform Judith who will provide feedback to IGF secretariat.
  • ISOC-NY is threatened with rejuvenation, which may affect A11ySIG's ability to get ISOC admin and BYN funding.
  • Webinar program. Needs new leadership. A11ySIG has some funds.
  • Vashkar has proposed a webinar.
  • Joly suggests a webinar on EU WAD. Klaus is open to speaking. Notes there is also a similar effort in Kenya. "LEGAL FRAMEWORK WEBINAR SERIES". (Early October) (Joly & Klaus)
  • Also Standardization issues is part and parcel.
  • Klaus will attend Access Israel. If prepared he can represent the SG. Perhaps 30 mins. Gunela will prepare deck. Dedicated call in next two weeks.

8. Next Meeting

  • Thursday Aug 4 23:00 UTC.

September 8 2022 ISOC Accessibility SG Leaders

SG Leaders meeting (Gunela Astbrink, Judith Hellerstein, Vashkar Bhattacharjee, Zakari Yama) (pdf)
Draft agenda
1. Next steps on action plan
2. Upcoming meetings with ISOC
3. Disability leadership training
4. ASG presentations
 - ISOC Community Week
5. AOB

1. Next steps on action plan

  • Ongoing liaison and cooperation with ISOC staff on ensuring the accessibility of ISOC content, policy and practice
    • ACTION ISOC Training Module feedback
    • ACTION Make new google doc with resources
      • Toolkit
      • Updated W3C guidelines
      • WCAG 2.1
  • Website and social media campaign
    • Website plan has to be approved by ISOC Comms
    • Social Media - Zakari and Swaran

2. Upcoming meetings with ISOC

  • Coming up on Sep 27
  • Comms team that week as well?

3. Disability leadership training

  • Partnership with APSIG
  • Dhaka Declaration -
  • (posted on A11ySIG)
  • Funding for further workshops from ISIF Asia and APNIC no go
  • Other funding opportunities to be explored. ACTION Suggestions? ISOC Foundation?
  • Diplo Foundation course for ISOC Learn postponed to next year, as Diplo busy with anniversary.
  • ACTION We will confirm to Diplo the postponement is good
  • Esther wants detailed syllabus prior, to be developed into course. Someone needs to do the work. Paid.
  • Gunela has thought of Nirmita Narashimhan
  • We need a small committee to develop the job requirement. (Vashkar, Gunela) Farzaneh Badi? ACTION By Sep 16
  • (Will Farzaneh be in Kuala Lumpur?) ACTION. Intro Farzi to Gunela.

4. ASG presentations

  • ISOC Community Week
    • Broadcast studio style. Attendance unknown, as yet.
    • Positive response from ISOC and Diplo.
    • Vashkar, Gunela, Manique, will be giving presentation at APSIG later today.
  • APrIGF in Singapore
    • Blind person in opening plenary
    • Session on Disability leadership Training
    • Swaran organizing session on employment

5. AOB

  • Webinars
  • Secretary & ChAC Roles
    • ACTION Gunela to discuss with Kyle non-active officers.
  • Encryption Fact Sheets
    • Klaus & Gunela met with Natalie Campbell. She has developed Encryption factsheets.
    • Offer of $5k to develop factsheet on Disability and Encryption.
    • Klaus happy to work on it. Liaison is Ryan Polk of ISOC.
    • SG is encouraged to join Global Encryption Coalition.
    • ACTION- Joly & Klaus talk to Ryan to explore opportunity.
  • Business Cards
    • Finished, Gunela will bring to Kuala Lumpur and mail.

6. Next meeting

  • 11:00 UTC 14th October 2022 (tbc)

September 27 2022 ISOC Accessibility

ISOC internal WG on accessibility (Gunela Astbrink, Joly MacFie, Andre Copelin, Swaran Ravindra, James Wood, Vashkar Bhattacharjee))
(Apologies from Judith Hellerstein, Zakari Yama)
  • ISOC shared the ISOC Content Accessibility Training Module
  • ASG would like to be consulted earlier in the formulation of such efforts
  • Resources
  • Comms team have received latest WCAG guidelines, and have been implementing some things e.g alt tags on Twitter posts.
  • Torchbox recommendations have been received and aaree being digested by ISOC Comms team.
  • ISOC procurement procedures
    • ISOC has accessibility criteria. Can be shared with ASG.
    • Limited accessibility user testing
    • Vashkar has had access issues with ISOC LEARN
      • Vashkar is willing to give feedback directly
      • Andre can organize that with ISOC IT Team
    • Professional testing is desirable
    • Joly suggests Fable. More vendors can be suggested.
  • Transcripts
    • Transcripts need to be available both live and after ISOC events.
  • Joly suggest there be #accessibilty channel on ISOC Slack
  • ISOC Accessibility Framework (Version 1.1)
    • Andre can review but not make recommendations
    • Building a culture of accessibility
      • Tone needs adjustement - james will look.
      • Slack channel?
    • Ensuring minimal barriers to participation
      • Content - covered to some extent by current training
      • WCAG - Kristi will need to look at this
      • ISOC policy on web accessibility - Again Kristi, but also ongoing conversation via Slack channel.
      • Physical meeting. Capability should be there.
      • Platforms. rename 'Online meetings' Andre's area of concern. Add some examples.
      • Evangelization. ISOC to encourage accessibility.
  • Next meeting. 6 weeks.

Oct 13 2022 Accessibility SG + ISOC Comms

(Gunela Astbrink, Joly MacFie, Kelly O'Hara, Kristi Mason, Kyle Shulman)
  • 8 groups, need external messaging mechanisms.
  • Internal orgs thus needs vigilance and system.
  • 30 ISOC social media accounts
  • Streamlined down e.g. Pulse, MANRS, regional accounts
  • Legal team - compliance
  • Events
    • Marquee events - run by Global Event Manger Raquel
    • DIY Events - run by community or staff
    • Guidelines Documentation (ACTION: to be made available)
      • Are these docs accessible?
  • Boxnote (Kelly)
    • Input form for events - SIG/SG Communications
      • Speaking at external event
      • Event of global interest
      • Input to ISOC Social Media Channels / website
      • (Action - list of hashtags)
      • 3-4 weeks ahead of time
  • Gunela - Action Plan
    • ASG project includes social media outreach campaign in a specific region / country
    • Action - fwd ASG action plan to Kristi
  • Website template
    • Legal compliance
    • A part of ISOC Global website
    • Will receive much traffic
    • Function as front end, as a funnel to ASG community
    • Current back end wiki content should end up on Connect
  • Action Items
    • Templates, form links.

October 14 2022 ISOC Accessibility SG Leaders

SG Leaders meeting (Gunela Astbrink, Vashkar Bhattacharjee, Zakari Yama, Joly MacFie, Swaran Ravindra) 
1. Disability leadership training - content development
2. Website
3. Social media campaign
4. Encryption fact sheet
5. Webinars
6. Secretary role
7. Gunela - kyle
8. AOB
  • Disability leadership training - content development
    • Gunela had a call with Farzi
      • Prepared to volunteer to provide overall framework
      • Anju Mangal may be able to provide consultants
    • Need to still look elsewhere
    • Namita from India? Previously compiled an e-accesibility handbook
    • Glenn McKnight is someone who has experience and may be able to provide contacts.
    • ACTION Set up a dedicated call (doodle 10 days) (joly + Gunela)
  • Website
    • Landing page on ISOC website
    • A template has been shared
    • An iterative process
      • Group
      • Dhaka
      • Toolkit
      • Activities
    • Social media
      • New form for community input of activities for amplification via ISOC media
  • Action Plan Social Media = Campaign for Accessibility Adoption
    • Need to select target, where?
    • Gunela suggests European country, in light of Web Accessibility Directive
    • Zakari, businesses + developers are distinct audiences
    • Project needs a snappy title.
    • Partnerships. G3ICT?
  • ACTION Share ideas on media campaign (end Oct)
  • Encryption fact sheet
    • developing a factsheet encryption and disability (kyle request)
  • Webinars
    • Zakari has a couple of ideas - Accessibilty guidelines for developers / legislation
      • Niger (end of Nov)
      • North Africa (mid Dec)
    • Regulation
      • Klaus + Joly - Europe WAD
      • ACTION Gunela to give it a kick
    • Vashkar - Bangla Desh
    • Swaran - Fiji
    • ACTION specify dates asap
  • Secretary role
    • Covered by other officers ok
  • Gunela - kyle
    • Community Week session well received
    • Extended plans for next year's CW event
    • Looking for focus for next year
    • Liaise with Education SIG
  • Next meeting 10 Nov 23:00

Nov 10 2022 Accessibility SG + ISOC Comms

Moved to

November 10 2022 ISOC Accessibility SG Leaders

SG Leaders meeting (Gunela Astbrink, Zakari Yama, Vashkar Bhattacharjee) (Apologies: Swaran Ravindra)

1. Disability leadership training - update
2. Website
3. Accessibility Framework revision
3. Social media campaign
4. Webinars
6. Planning for annual members meeting
7. Encryption fact sheet
8. AOB
  • Landing Page
    • ACTION Joly fill in some details on the template
  • Z - there should be data collection e.g emails for newsletter on page
    • Gunela - insufficient resources to run newsletter
    • j - it's a good idea to have a vector for people to register interest without joining
    • j - ISOC legal will be a barrier
    • j - possibly A11ySIG a better vector for general interest.
  • Newsletter
    • G - has to be sustainable
    • Need a digital marketing specialist
    • G has someone in mind - Evelyn Loh - will explore
  • Accessibility Framework revision
    • Meeting with ISOC Staff
    • Shabbir talking to BoT in closed session
    • Resources dedicated to accessibility dependent on outcome
  • Webinars
    • Niger - 50 registrants
    • ACTION Z to set up survey for participants
    • Fiji?
    • Bangladesh?
      • Still in discussion process with ISOC BD Chapter
    • EU regulation?
    • ACTION actively discuss other webinars on Whatsapp
  • Planning for Annual Members Meeting
    • end of Feb, a year from inauguration of officers?
    • Reports on progress
    • Keynote Speaker
  • Encryption fact sheet
    • postponed til 2023
  • AOB
    • North American Chapters
      • Christine Runnegar - presentation to NA Chapters?
      • Vaskar willing to present
    • DCAD support for IGF
      • Not ASG business
      • Not this year
      • Needs a kick
      • Accessibility at IGF possible topic for next Action Plan?
      • Youth needs to be recruited
      • Why Disability Training is important
  • Next meeting
    • 11:00 UTC - Thu 8 December

December 8 2022 ISOC Accessibility SG Leaders

SG Leaders meeting (Gunela Astbrink, Joly MacFie, Klaus Hoeckner, Vashkar Battarchearjee) (Apologies: Judith Hellerstein, Zakari Yama, Swaran Ravindra) (video, audio, transcript chat)
1. Leadership course development
2. ASG web landing page
3. Accessibility Framework revision
4. Webinars
5. Annual report
6. Planning for February annual members meeting
7. January brainstorming meeting
8. AOB
  • Planning for February annual members meeting
    • Guest Keynote speaker (Shadi, Shabbir, google, Deborah Ruh, Christopher Patnoe, Caroline casey - valuable 500, neha aurora - planet abled, Daniela Bass - UNO, Christine Hemphill, Hiroshi Kawamura from japan, Irene Mbari-Kirika, Luis Gallego, Rama Gheerawo, Rama Gheerawo, Axel Leblois - G3ICT?)
    • Plan for 2023
    • Input from members
    • Virtual
    • Pre AGM Panel?
    • Member Survey just before? ACTION joly draft questions
    • Date? Finalize in Jan.
  • Access Israel GAILs meeting 23-27 March possible F2F event with many of above.
    • Klaus can arrange
  • January Brainstorming meeting
    • What we are doing in 2023
    • Kyle suggests focus on single activity
    • Budget allocation cut from $30k to $15k (we spent ~ $20k)
    • Possibility of add ons
    • Vashkar: continuing at advocacy at regional fora, IG in disability conferences, Disability in IG conferences
    • A11yVR session at IGF Japan?
    • ACTION - compile list of external events. Form?
  • Leadership course development
    • Meeting earlier in the day.
    • ACTION Webinar to get feedback from community - 2nd week of Jan
    • Draft 21 of December
  • ASG web landing page
    • Details added by Joly
    • ACTION Couple of activities to be added
    • ACTION header details
  • Accessibility Framework revision
    • Shabbir's proposals till pending board approval
    • So we are waiting on that
  • Webinars
    • Klaus (still finalizing transcript etc)
    • Fiji (January)
    • Bangla Desh, Dec 21 - details coming Tuesday next week.
  • Annual report
    • ACTION Swaran & Zakari to prepare
    • Deadline Jan 9
  • AOB
    • SG/SIG Leaders liaison
      • Call
      • Connect Community
  • Next meeting
    • Jan 12 23:00 UTC