6th Meeting held on 03-MAY-2024

From Internet Society Accessibility Standing Group

6th EC for Finalisation of nominations to the Leadership Team - Through circulation on 03-May-2024


  • Dr. Praveen Misra - Chairperson Accessibility Standing Group
  • Dr Ashutosh Pathak - Vice Chair Accessibility Standing Group
  • Diná Santana Santos - Vice Chair Accessibility Standing Group
  • Nancy Marangu - Secretary Accessibility Standing Group

Apologies - None


  • Finalisation of nominations to the Leadership Team from the list of candidates who had responded to Call for interest through online form
  • Selection of Capacity Building and outreach officers as well as Regional Liaison Officers

Based on the expression of interest received in response to the open call for interest, the Chair is pleased to nominate the following after going through their linkedin for suitability. The other EC members supported the nominations.

  • Capacity Building and Outreach Officers
  1. Lawrence Muzanenhamo.
  2. Chilufya Theresa Mulenga.
  3. Daniel Clement Unachukwu.
  5. Pasha Rafiey
  6. Dr. Muhammad Shabbir
  • Regional Liaison Officers


  1. Eugène Kibasubwamo Nzanzu - Congo - Kinshasa.
  2. Emmanuel Nnaemeka Vitus - Nigeria.
  3. Musa Bangura - Sierra Leone
  4. Grace Muthoni Kaimburi - Kenya
  5. Mekaele Woldasemayat - Ethiopia


  1. Nikesh Balami - Nepal
  2. Bahaa - Iraq
  3. Rajesh Tiwari - India
  4. Hamzeh Al Ashmouti - Jordan

North America

  1. Eun Bee (Jasmine) Cha - Canada


  1. Emmanuelle Gutiérrez y Restrepo - Spain

E-mail will be sent to the above candidates informing their selection and taking consent for onboarding them to the leadership team.

  • There are 3 candidates as below that the Chair is not able to decide their eligibility since their linkedin profile is not available. Since they belong to countries which are not represented, the Vice Chair / Secretary may send them e-mail to get their linkedin links for the EC to take a call.
  1. Ahmat Boulama - Africa Chad
  2. Peterking Quaye - Africa Liberia
  3. Rudolph T Daniel - North America St Vincent and the Grenadines

• The Chair also desired that for the unrepresented regions of Australia and South America, a fresh expression of Interest maybe asked shortly.