5th Meeting held on 02-APRIL-2024

From Internet Society Accessibility Standing Group

5th EC held on 02-April-2024


  • Dr. Praveen Misra - Chairperson Accessibility Standing Group
  • Dr Ashutosh Pathak - Vice Chair Accessibility Standing Group
  • Diná Santana Santos - Vice Chair Accessibility Standing Group
  • Nancy Marangu - Secretary Accessibility Standing Group

Apologies - None

  • The minutes of the 4th EC meeting have been approved by the Chair.
  • Based on the decision in the last EC, consent letters were sent to the persons whose nominations were approved by the EC. Based on the same the consent was received from
  1. Social Media Officers - Nicodemus Nyakundi
  2. Capacity Building & Outreach Officers - Jaunita George & Manique Gunaratne
  3. E-learning Coordinator - Gunela Astbrink & Vashkar Bhattacharjee
  • The online form asking for Expression of interest for more Capacity Building & Outreach officers and Regional Liaison Officers was posted online and well publicised on the ISOC Chatter, Telegram & Linkedin groups etc.
  • Based on the same 31 responses were received as below
  1. Capacity building - 13
  2. Regional liaison - 18
  • The region wise breakup of responses is given below
  1. Asia - 7
  2. Australia - 0
  3. Africa - 21
  4. South America - 0
  5. North America - 2
  6. Europe - 1
  • It was decided that since the last dates for receiving confirmations as well as responses lapsed on March 31, 2024, the selection/nomination will be finalised from the above.
  • It was further agreed that incase need be, another call for interest from unrepresented regions would be sent out in future.
  • The meeting ended with a vote of thanks.