3rd Meeting held on 16-March-2024

From Internet Society Accessibility Standing Group

3rd Meeting held on 16-March-2024


  • Dr. Praveen Misra - Chairperson Accessibility Standing Group
  • Dr Ashutosh Pathak - Vice Chair Accessibility Standing Group
  • Nancy Marangu - Secretary Accessibility Standing Group

Apologies - Diná Santana Santos - Vice Chair Accessibility Standing Group

  1. The minutes of the 2nd EC meeting have been approved by the Chair.
  2. The leadership positions that were discussed and approved in the last meeting, the correspondence needs to be sent to the finalised candidate for their consent before making them official as per the minutes of 2nd meeting held on March 10, 2024.
  3. The call for nomination Google form needs to be finalised, and we need to share / Circulate for interest on the group.
  4. We need to organise the first Awareness webinar on Accessibility at the earliest.
  5. The telegram and LinkedIn groups are operational and we need to post to our ISOC members Chatter asking members to join if they have not already joined.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks.