2nd Meeting held on 10-March-2024

From Internet Society Accessibility Standing Group

2nd EC held on 10-March-2024 Present

  • Dr. Praveen Misra - Chairperson Accessibility Standing Group
  • Dr Ashutosh Pathak - Vice Chair Accessibility Standing Group
  • Diná Santana Santos - Vice Chair Accessibility Standing Group
  • Nancy Marangu - Secretary Accessibility Standing Group

Apologies - None

  • The Chair welcomed the members and asked to deliberate on plans related to different activities for the future including outreach and capacity building as well as consider nominations for extended leadership team.
  • VC(DS) apprised the members that based on her experience in the Youth Group, she would like to explore the creation of an Accessibility Atlas. All EC members consented and asked VC(DS) to work on it and also see the budget requirements. Secretary(NM) advised that sponsorships from Companies / Organisations under CSR should be explored. The Atlas should have case studies and success stories from the rural and remote areas which would be motivational to the readers.
  • It was informed by the Chair that no separate website is permitted by ISOC for the ASG so we need to use the other platforms for outreach. It was observed that since the present Linkedin of ASG is just a page and does not allow members to join in an interactive manner, a linkedin group for ASG needs to be created. A telegram group should also be created. These groups should be in public domain for anyone interested in the cause of Digital Accessibility to join rather than restricting it to the ASG members who already have the ISOC ALS(members area).
  • The members also rechristened the positions available for the extended Leadership team and consented to the following nominations:
  1. ASG Wiki Administrator - Joly Macfie
  2. Social Media Officers - Dina Santana & Nicodemus Nyakundi & Nancy Marangu
  3. Capacity Building & Outreach Officers - Georgina Naigulevu, Jaunita George, Vidhya Y, Manique Gunaratne
  4. Action Planning & Reporting Officer - Swaran Ravindra
  • The Chair informed members that since the project " e-learning Leadership Training for persons with Disability " course contents were prepared and the e-learning content creation is being done by the ISOC vendor under the leadership of Ms. Gunela and her team, who have been making a lot of effort to ensure the contents are fully compliant to Accessibility standards, it is important that she continue to lead this initiative and other members including EC can contribute. EC members agreed to the proposal
  1. E-Learning Training Coordinator - Gunela Astbrink & Vashkar Bhattacharjee
  • The members felt that the ChAC is an important platform for outreach to other Chapters and should be represented by the Chair himself along with one backup EC member. VC(AP) volunteered to be the backup member. Based on the same following was finalised
  1. Chapters Advisory Council (ChAC) representative - Dr. Praveen Misra, Dr. Ashutosh Pathak.

It was also felt that the above nominations are subject to the confirmation / consent from the nominees.

  • Further, the EC members felt that there is further scope and requirement for expanding the team by bringing more volunteers on board as
  1. . Capacity Building & Outreach Officers.
  2. . Regional Accessibility Liaison Officer (at least 2-3 from each region i.e Asia, Australia, North America, South America, Europe & Africa).
  • EC decided that to have the best candidates in a fair and transparent manner, a call for expression of interest would be sent for interested people to apply through a google form.

The meeting ended with a thank you from the Chair to the EC members.