1st meeting held on 20-February-2024

From Internet Society Accessibility Standing Group

1st EC held on 20-Feb-2024


  • Dr. Praveen Misra - Chairperson Accessibility Standing Group
  • Dr Ashutosh Pathak - Vice Chair Accessibility Standing Group
  • Diná Santana Santos - Vice Chair Accessibility Standing Group
  • Nancy Marangu - Secretary Accessibility Standing Group

Apologies - None


  1. Discussions of Draft Accessibility Framework
  2. Discussion on Expanding the Leadership Team
  3. Discussion on Outreach Activities
  4. General discussion on initiating Budget Preparation

The Chair welcomed the members and spelt out the priorities regarding comment on Draft Accessibility Framework 1.2 of ISOC, start preparation of the action plan with timelines, increasing presence on social media for the group, Budget preparation and consideration of nomination for extended leadership team.

Draft Accessibility Framework The Chair informed that the ASG needs to provide its comments on the Draft Accessibility Framework ver 1.2 of ISOC as requested by Andrew, the CEO of ISOC and so members need to go through it. It was also decided that since Gunela and her team were already part of the discussions and have a good background, the existing team may continue and the present Chair along with the outgoing Chair will jointly send the communication to clarify the position of ASG on the Framework document.

Expanding the Leadership Team Members were of the opinion that the leadership team needs to be expanded but some of the positions having no significance or work need to be abolished and new positions in line with the requirement of the ASG activities need to be created.

Outreach Activities The EC memebrs felt that the Social media and other outreach activities need to be expanded. Vice Chair Dina was assigned to lead the social media activities whereas Vice Chair Dr. Ashutosh was assigned to lead the Capacity building initiative.

Members felt that there is a lot of confusion in the wiki contents with most of the links pointing to the ASIG and there is no way for members to return to the ASG section, thus needing segregation. The same to be discussed with Joly and Kyle by the Chair.

There being no other business to be deliberated upon, the meeting ended.